Build a Custom Cryptocurrency ICO Website

Build a Custom Cryptocurrency ICO Website like Hextracoin, Regalcoin, Ucoin or Bitconnect

$550.00 $4,500.00

Product Description

Create your own ICO Website coin with premine, custom logo's. You get an unique genesis block, the source code and a compiled Linux & Windows client. Currency Name & Ticker Selectio, Algorithm Selection: Scrypt Hybrid (PoS & PoW), Scrypt PoW, SHA-256 PoW*, You get Custom Name and abbreviation of your choice, Unique Merkle hash and Genesis block, Unique alert keys with private certificate, Choose Address Letter, Choose logo and images, Windows & Linux QT Wallets, Source Code & Linux Daemon, Node hosting for one month, We will design and develop block explorer for your cryptocurrency, Pre-Mining (upto 50%) of total coins, First Transaction Test, Block Reward, Total Coin

Extra Excluded Addon Features.

1.We will Develop Web Wallet for your cryptocurrency - (PRICE: FREE)

2.Block Explorer - (PRICE: FREE)

3.Design and Develop iPhone and Android Mobile Wallet App for your cryptocurrency - (PRICE: $550)

4.Mining Pool:- (PRICE: $500)

5.Lending / Investment Platform- (PRICE: $2500)

6.Website Development - (PRICE: $350)

7.Website Cloud Hosting + SSL Secure: - (PRICE: $250)

8.UK (England, Ireland, Scotland) Company Registration - (PRICE: $300)

9.Trading Platform Listing Assistance: - (PRICE: $200)

10.PRE ICO Launch: - (PRICE: $150)

11.BitcoinTalk & Blog News Press Releases: - (PRICE: $250)

12.Management Team Collation - (PRICE: $150)

13.Whitepaper Development: - (PRICE: $200)

14.Social Media Marketing (Target 250k Audience) - (PRICE: $150)

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